Children's Ear Piercings

There has been a lot of discussion locally on the best place to get your child's earlobes pierced. Do you go to the mall, do you go your pediatrics office or do you go to your local body piercing shop? Well, this blog post is kind of a follow up to my previous post regarding the dangers of getting pierced by a piercing gun and/or at the mall or discount store. I pierce with sterile, single-use needles rather than a piercing gun. Proactive parents have a tough decision to make and hopefully, if you are reading this, you are one of those parents that want answers and a little help in making that decision.

Many people call the shop asking what age I will pierce earlobes. My minimum age is 5 years old. It is from my experience that most 5 year olds can say whether or not they want to do something, which makes the experience a much more positive one. Since effectively healing the piercing relies on you as the parent, we feel that 5 year old children have a greater ability to understand the importance of aftercare. In contrast, babies cannot make the decision to be pierced nor can they comply with our recommended aftercare regimen. Piercing babies puts them at higher risk during the healing process and the piercing experience can be traumatizing for them. I want our clients to have a positive piercing experience, regardless of age.

That being said, I have to be honest and say that is perfectly okay to take "no" as an answer from your child. Getting their ears pierced is their decision and forcing them to proceed is traumatic for all of us: parents, piercer, and especially the child. Forcing the experience is just not worth it! As far as I am concerned its always worth it to stop, wait and deliver the best experience possible, even if that means we don't pierce on that day. 

As a piercer, I always feel like I have an obligation to answer honestly, so when your child asks me if its going to hurt (and they will ask), my answer always is "Yes. Its a lot like getting a shot at the doctors office, but it isn't bad though". Majority of my child clients leave here proud of themselves and high-fiving their parents. Some children do struggle through the process but I do the best I can to make things as easy as possible.

If you have decided that you would like me to pierce your child, here is what you can expect:

I require an in-studio consultation at least one day prior to the piercing for all clients between the ages of 5 and 12 years old. During this time, I will walk the child and parent, step-by-step, through the entire piercing procedure. I will show them all the tools they can expect to see while getting pierced. By doing this, it gives your child a greater level of comfort that they would not have if you just decided one day to "surprise" them with ear piercings because they have been bugging you about getting them done. I have found that this 24 hour waiting period makes things significantly easier on both the child and the parent, and gives the child the information they need to really decide if they want to go through with the piercing or not. After the consultation, we will browse our extensive selection of implant-grade jewelry, choosing not only a set that is beautiful, but one that is custom to their unique anatomy. When the child return for their scheduled appointment time, we can rest assured that they have had time to consider their decision and become excited to wear the beautiful jewelry that they have already chosen.

I have very strict standards regarding the quality of initial jewelry. I only offer implant-grade materials and rarely feel it is safe or necessary to use any outside jewelry. If you wish to know if we can use your jewelry, please feel free to bring it in for inspection.

As a certified clinical aromatherapist, I encourage natural body healing. I will provide you with a bottle of my all natural piercing solution so you are not faced with trying to purchase a store brand that may not be the right solution. I also advise that your child avoid activities that irritate or expose the piercings to bacteria. I will cover all the details with you after the piercing is complete. I will always make time to respond to any concerns you or your child may have during their healing process.

I charge $50 for paired children's ear piercings PLUS the cost of jewelry. My most popular jewelry for this piercing is an 18g flatback style with push-in gemstones. My preferred brand for this style of jewelry is NeoMetal, which all jewelry parts are precision machined in the USA from implant grade titanium (ASTM F136 6AI-4V ELI). These start at $65 plus tax for a pair. The average cost of your child's earlobe piercing can average between $115-$165 depending on the jewelry options you choose.