Synergy Fine Jewelry, Inc.

Children's Piercings

I offer children and teens ear piercings using high quality, needle piercing in a safe, inclusive, welcoming environment.

Don't make your child experience a "mall piercing"! Let me save you from the trauma. I have been a piercer for the last 10 years and health and safety is of the utmost importance to me.

No tears, no fears! Just pretty pierced ears.

All of our starter jewelry is FDA or ASTM compliant for bio-compatibility and is medical grade titanium. This type of metal is ideal for sensitive skin and for young children whose bodies may be sensitive to inferior metals. Surgical steel and stainless steel jewelry still contain Nickel which is what most people are sensitive to. I do not use sterling silver as is it an oxidative metal and will stain the pierced holes black over time.


Children under the age of 13 can be seen on Sundays between 10am-1pm by APPOINTMENT ONLY. There is a 50% non-refundable deposit (which is applied towards your final total) to secure your appointment time. You must notify me within 24 hours of your appointment of intent to cancel or reschedule. We can reschedule as many times as you need to, without requiring a new deposit. If you are a no-call, no-show, your deposit will not roll over to secure a new spot. You will need to place another deposit.

I will pierce children ages 3 months to 18 years old. Children 3 months to 1 year must have proof of TDAP.

I do NOT accept any outside jewelry. You must use our starters. I offer simple pricing:

$55 service include hypoallegenic tinanium gemmed studs, aftercare spray, polaroid picture and certificate of bravery

$99 service includes 14K solid yellow gold gemmed studs. aftercare spray, polaroid picture and certificate of bravery

Group discounts available for parties of 8 or more.

You should plan to arrive 10 minutes early to allow for time to fill out paper work. If you are planning on using a numbing agent, please allow for 30 - 45 minutes for proper effectiveness.

You should schedule your child's appointment for a time during the day that you know they will be fed and rested. Nothing is worse than bringing in a fussy, hungry, cranky child. Bring their favorite snack, get their favorite movie or video loaded on your ipad or cell phone, and speak to them in a positive manner that will uplift their spirits and get them excited about their piercing. This is not the day to piss off your child or make them feel rushed. If it doesnt seem like today is a good day, then please by all means, let me know so we can reschedule.

If you are ready to schedule your appointment, please text me at 951-691-2333. Scan the Venmo code below to place your deposit. Thank you.