Synergy Fine Jewelry, Inc.

COVID19 Update

 Updated to reflect current safer at home order 12/4/2020)

I am OPEN and WORKING as I have decided to not comply with the order to shut down. However, this does not mean I will blow off any safety measures needed to stop the spread. The information below is what will be required by me in order to be seen. Thank you for understanding my position, respecting my policies and supporting a local small business!!

Please see the following policies as set forth by the State and County.

Things you need to know about booking your appointments:

  1. You will need an appointment to be seen. In order to control the amount of people and possible exposure, this is the policy. You will need an appointment for new piercings, jewelry changeouts/removals, you need a piercing looked at and even if you are coming in to shop for jewelry and/or aftercare products. **If you show up to the shop without an appointment you will be asked to make one and to return another day/time **

  2. To book your appointment, please use this link

  3. All appointments will require a deposit in full. The booking system will send out reminders so please make sure your phone number and email address are correct. I'm asking that if you need to cancel, that you do so 1 day in advance. I am a very reasonable person and understand that "life" happens, so as long as you cancel no later than an hour before, your card will not be charged. I am asking you to please respect my time as I have to find childcare for my kids now that school is out, just like most of you. Taking deposits isn't to make things difficult for you, its to ensure that you will be responsible for your appointment and communicate with me if something changes.  If you are a no call/no show, you will be charged the full price of your service and WILL NOT BE ISSUED A REFUND. If you missed your appointment and choose to reschedule a new one, you will have to re-deposit and pay again. Your previous payment will not roll over for no calls/no shows. No exceptions. TO CLARIFY, YOUR CARD WILL NOT BE CHARGED UNTIL SERVICES ARE RENDERED OR YOU ARE A NO SHOW. Also, you can pay via Venmo, Paypal or Zelle at the time of service in lieu of your card. I will also accept cash, however, contactless payments are preferred. If you are bringing cash, please bring exact change. I will not be making change. Also I do charge 3.84% to use your debit or credit card (basically $0.04 for every $1.00 or basically $1.53 on a $40 service)

    **If you are coming in on a pre-paid gift card, you will still need to provide a deposit to set your appointment. Obviously you will not be charged unless you are a no show.**

  4. Availability will be limited to how many appointments I can see in one day as I will need ample time between appointments to sanitize. I am offering earlier morning appointments to allow more people to be seen in one day. For now, same day appointments are not available so please schedule accordingly. I work Mon-Fri 11:00 am- 4:00 pm. I DO NOT work on weekends.

  5. The County Health Dept does REQUIRE that both you and I wear a mask during your services and while you shop, and even just being in the building. Please don't be a jerk, I am just doing what is required to be open.

  6. ORAL piercings have suspended by the State and County. This means I cannot pierce anything in or near the mouth. Nor can I assist with changeouts or any issue you are having in the mouth region. I do not know when that suspension will be lifted, so for now, you will see that none of those services are available.Thank you for your understanding.

  7. No guests will be allowed, please arrive alone. Exceptions are for parents with minors who need to sign waivers for service. Only 1 parent will be allowed in the room. No children under the age of 13 will be seen at this time. Please limit the amount of "stuff" you bring with you as you will need to hold your items during your service or put them on the floor. We do not permit video recording.

    **if you and your friends are trying to come in for piercings together, each person being serviced will need to book a separate appointment. Last minute "deciders" will not be serviced and will need to make an appointment for another day/time so please plan accordingly.

  8. I will not be offering any coupons, promos or discounts. Prices are as stated. I feel my prices are fair, they include high quality implant grade titanium jewelry, and best of all, you become my client; meaning I will always be here to assist with your healing process.

I thank you for your continued support and am grateful that you have selected me for your piercing needs. I hope as time goes on that we can relax some of these exceptions and get back to business as normal. I sincerely appreciate your willingness to play along with our "new normal" at the shop and hope this message finds you well.

If you have questions about your appointment or need to communicate with me, please feel free to text me at: 951-691-2333.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.