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Ear Seeds for PTSD

One of the conditions I am often asked about for EarSeed treatment is for PTSD. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a mental health problem that some people develop after experiencing or witnessing a life-threatning event such as combat, natural disaster, car accident or sexual assault.
PTSD does not discriminate! It can affect anyone regardless of age or gender. Here are some staggering stats:
  • 8-13 Million people are affected in the US
  • Women are twice as likely to be affected
  • Veterans: 20% of them are affected
  • 8,000 Veterans commit suicide each year which amounts to 22 veterans a day
How do you know if you have PTSD? Commonly reported symptoms are flashbacks, nightmares, insomnia, irritability, agressive behavior, angry outbursts, anxiety, depression, fear, mistrust, self-destructive thoughts and social isolation.
There are many treatments available such as phycological or psychiatric help, cognative behavior therapy, yoga, mediation and acupressure/acupuncture.
How do EarSeeds help someone who is experiencing these symptoms? EarSeeds are just a tool in a treatment known as AURICULOTHERAPY.
Auriculotherapy is the stimulation of specific points on the ear in order to achieve a therapeutic effect. Each body part has a corresponding point on the ear to treat that part of the body.
As an EarSeed Practioner, I have successfully assisted local vets and individuals combat the symptoms of PTSD by utilizing a 6 point protocol known as ATP (Auricular Trauma Protocol). Stimulating these points can help bring balance and help the affected parts of the brain communicate more effectively for an overall enhanced sense of well being.
If you or someone you know is suffering from PTSD, please help them seek the care they/you need. I know often treatments can be expensive and it's easy for someone to blow it off because they simply cannot afford it. Please don't neglect your health. If you are a Vet in need of relief, please contact me for a free treatment.