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Ear Seeds for Smoking Cessation

Are you someone who is trying to quit smoking? I know this year has been challenging and perhaps you are starting to recognize that your addiction is getting out of hand? Maybe you have tried nicotine gum and patches with little to no success? Maybe you’ve tried a prescription medication and counseling but fell back into your habit? Its okay! Quitting any habit is difficult and takes time! If you fail, just try again, and long as your mind set is positive and you are willing to keep an open mind you can achieve anything, even stopping smoking!!
EarSeeds are another tool that can help balance the nervous system and calm your addiction. EarSeeds are a non-invasive pellet applied to the ear which stimulates certain pressure points in an effort to correct symptoms of a condition.
As a certified Clinical Aromatherapist, I couple the EarSeed treatment with 2 essential oil inhalers which give you an extra handle on the cravings and nerves.
Please message me with any questions. I am here to help educate you as well as provide you treatments! I look forward helping you get smoke-free! You got this! 🙌